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Building A Poultry Run On A Budget

If you’re building a poultry run and are trying to stick with a budget, there are a variety of different things that you should keep in mind to have maximum success with your project. 
Many chicken farmers spend far more money then they really have to trying to build their chicken coop and with a few simple adjustments they could have saved hundreds of dollars at least.
Here are the main points to know about building a poultry run enclosure on a budget. The better the run is, the more eggs you will get!

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Choose The Best Land Before Building chickens run

The first thing you should do before building a poultry run is taking a good look at the land you have available to build on. In most cases, you would have to do some landscaping before building, because building a poultry run on ground that isn't firm and level would significantly decrease the stabilization, especially as time progressed, and that could in turn make it much more likely that you need to rebuild your coop..
Therefore, survey the entire land you have available and locate the place where no landscaping will be necessary.  You may need to look hard for this, but once you find it you’ll be happy you did.

Add Properly Placed Windows That Allow For Ventilation

poultry runsThe second thing you should take into account is making sure you place the windows properly in the chicken coop.  Windows are going to be the primary light source that the chickens have if you don't plan to wire in electrical light - which is very expensive.
Windows will also serve for ventilation purposes, which is another important aspect for helping your chickens maintain good health.  Make sure the windows are stationed well and also allow for ventilation and you will kill two birds with one stone - and save yourself a fair amount of money in the process.

Build A Smaller Sized Poultry Runpoultry runs image

Finally, the third way to save money while building a poultry run is to choose to build a smaller size coup.  Obviously the smaller you build, the fewer building materials you will need, which is often where you save the most amount of money.
Two to three chickens will be plenty to give you more than enough eggs that you need each day, provided you are building the coop well.

Be sure you keep these things in mind.  By taking the right measures you can certainly decrease your building costs and still go about building a great poultry run!

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Here are some great Poultry Run Plans if you need some help on the way!

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