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Chicken Shed Plans - Easy to Follow Instructions

You know you need a place to house your chickens.chicken shed plans image
Remember that you need both a shed and a run!
You can buy something pre-built but they cost so much. Then you have to have them shipped too, which is outrageous in cost. Just build our own. There really is no idea trying to make your chicken run just by kind of making up a design since you will realized that you probably have no clue how to build it right. Get some chicken shed plans so you have something to follow.

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Watch the video to the left
and you will find some great information on how to get the best chicken shed plans for your needs. It will tell you what the books is all about

It will also show you some great reviews.

I highly recommend it!


chicken shed plans book

Here is a book you can get online with immediate download
that has both chicken shed plans and a lot of information about raising chickens.




your chicken shed plans

These chicken shed plans are easy-to-follow and they give instructions in a step by step way. People are usually skeptical with things like this online but you get so much for the price and with a 60 day guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Here is what is in the package.

* How to build a self enclosed Midsize chicken coop using for just a small fraction of the price of buying a new one.

* How to build a large Premium chicken coop that is easy to clean, automatically collects eggs and allows you to maintain more chickens.

* How to build a Portable chicken coop that makes cleaning simple and provides nutritious fertilizer for your garden

* 6 things you must have before you even think about building a coop

* How to easily extend your coop into a free-range style enclosure

* How to pick the right breed of chicken for your climate, space and egg production

* Simple tips on how to set-up your building site and select your materials that will make building quick and easy

* How to easily breed chickens yourself and take care of the baby chicks so you have a self sustaining flock

* The 9 daily, monthly and yearly chores you must perform to keep your chickens healthy, happy and laying eggs

* How to protect your coop from predators such as foxes, coyotes, cats, hawks and many more

* The 8 foods that can be potentially harmful if you give them to your chickens

* Learn what to do if your chicken gets sick and the 2 most common health problems and how to cure them

The Cheapest Materials To Build Your Coop Out Of

Find out how to make a coop for cheaper without having to buy second hand wood

chicken shed picturesLearn the drawbacks on some of the 'cheaper' materials that will cost you more in the long term

Learn what you must do to a chipboard coop if you want to make it last

The Best Materials For The Ground

How to control ventilation, climate and appearance using different floor structures and materials

The best material for making an easy to clean chicken coop

The problems with dirt floors and how you can fix them

How To Build Nesting Boxes For Free Out of Common Materials

How to build a nesting box out of the food packaging you throw away

How to build a nesting box out of old furniture

My favorite nesting box that I use in my own coop

How To Best Position Your Chicken Coopchicken shed plans images

How to position your coop to prevent flooding and moisture buildup.

How to provide correct ventilation to prevent harmful ammonia and carbon dioxide build up

How to position your chicken coup relative to the sun to regulate light and heat


The member's forum is impressive. There are lots of people who are there to help answer questions for you about raising chickens or building coops or chicken shed plans or whatever. There are also some bonus books that you get that add a lot of detail to the information that you are already getting.

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Here are your Chicken Shed Plans if you need some help on the way!

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