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Kalamazoo is going to the birds: 'There's something about having ... chickens' - (Kalamazoo Gazette Tuesday August 04, 2009)
chicken shed fun imageBackyard chicken coops crop up in backyards in Chicago, suburbs.
Chicago-area residents are discovering the joys of raising chickens, eating fresh eggs - (the Tribune July 31, 2009)
Keeping Their Eggs in Their Backyard Nests -
(, August 3, 2009)
Chicken coop tour raises scratch for needy
- ( July 25, 2009
By The Associated Press  RACHEL PRITCHETT
Urban Chicken Coop
- ( WKOWTV Aug 13, 2009)
Keeping Their Eggs in Their Backyard Nests
- (New York Times, August 3, 2009)
Residents push to own backyard chickens - (The Columbia Missourian, July 30, 2009)
Chickens Roam Their Roosts in Urban Backyards - (Noozhawk, July 27, 2009)
Some City Folk Are Mad as Wet Hens When Chickens Come Home to Roost - (The Wall Street Journal, July 15, 2009)


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In ‘urban chickens,’ some see golden eggs - (, July 5, 2009)chicken coup news
Chicken farming growing trend in suburbia - (, July 4, 2009)
Folks in Dallas, elsewhere hatching plans for backyard chicken farms - (The Dallas Morning Newsl, July 3, 2009)
Urban chicken farmers gain popularity; East Grand Rapids family enjoys education, fresh eggs - (, June 29, 2009)
Checking out the chicks - (The Economist, June 18, 2009)
More people are keeping backyard chickens - (The Providence Journal, May 1, 2009)
Envisioning the End of ‘Don’t Cluck, Don’t Tell’ - (New York Times, April 30, 2009)
More Suburbanites are Raising Chickens - (U.S. News & World Report, April 24, 2009)
Chickens given roosts in urban backyards - (USA Today, January, 01, 2009)
Chickens earning their keep in Chicago backyards - (Chicago Tribune, December 15, 2008)
Urban Chicken Movement Gains Momentum - (WBBM News radio, chicken enclosureDecember 15, 2008)
Backyard chickens find new popularity in suburbia - (, November 19, 2008)
The New Coop de Ville - The craze for urban poultry farming - (, November 17, 2008)
City Chicks - Easy-to-keep animals - (, July 1, 2008)
City Chickens Range Free - (radio podcast) (National Public Radio, November 2007)
A Chicken on Every Plot, a Coop in Every Backyard - (New York Times, September 2007)
Urban Farming: Starting from Scratch - (Register-Guard, April 2004)
Backyard revolutionaries cluck for poultry rights - (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, February 2004)
Neighbors' fuss over woman's chickens - (Monterey Bay Herald, January 2004)
Chickens give owners plenty to crow about - (Dallas Morning News, January 2004)

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