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Chicken Coop Plan - 4 Steps You Must Follow

Having a good chicken coop plan to follow is one of the most important steps you need to know in order to have success with your building efforts.  Many people overlook small steps that cost them a great deal of time and frustration.

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There is a clearly defined building pathway that should be followed whenever you’re attempting to build a chicken coop, so by making sure you don’t overlook these, you’re going to put your best foot forward for building a chicken coop that stands the test of time.
Here are the big points your chicken coop plans should cover.

Find A Good Space Of Land
chicken coop plan
Finding the right space to build your chicken coop on will be vitally important because it’s this that helps keep your coop maintaining itself over the years.  You want a piece of land that has a slight elevation since this will also prevent the coop from becoming flooded later on if water starts accumulating during a heavy rainfall.
In some cases this may mean you need to do some landscaping, but typically it will all depend on the type of soil you have in the area you are and the overall surface flatness.

Choose and Appropriate Size and Type

Second, make sure you’re taking the time to choose a good size to build your chicken coop with.  Coop plans need to be specific about exact measurements when it comes to this.
The last thing you want to do cram your chickens in too small of a space, so be sure you take the time to carefully get the precise measurements you need and draw a building plan out before you build.

chicken coop plan imageLocate the Best Space For Your Windows

Third, keep in mind that the windows you’re building will have a very large influence on how healthy your chickens stay so that is also something that you must not overlook.  Windows serve to not only light the chicken coop but also act as a ventilation source, so no chicken coop plans would be complete without them.
Most chicken farmers will build two or three windows total, however figure out the best number in order to meet your own individual needs.

Add the Chicken Run and Fence coop plan tools

Finally, the fourth thing you must do to have success with your chicken house is build the chicken run and fence.
Your chickens need to get out and get exercise on a regular basis, so having a chicken enclosure with a run available will allow them to do that.  The fence is also a vital component for protecting your chickens from predators, so again, something that you cannot do without. 
By making sure you follow these steps while using coop plans to guide you, you’ll get the chicken house you really need!

coop plan blueprint

Here is a great chicken coop plan if you need some help on the way!

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