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How To Build A Chicken House - Tips and Ideas

Despite what you might be thinking, both chicken houses and runs can be built with ease. Some people have this idea in their head that it takes some sort of genius to build a chicken house, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Due to all the resources that are available on the Internet, the complete novice can have their chicken house built in just a few days.

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Before we get into the heart
of the content where I tell you what resources to look at, I first want to cover a few things that you need to consider before you start to build a chicken house

Do you have enough spare land in your backyard to build a chicken house? The reason I ask this is because you'll be surprised about how big a chicken run can get. Obviously, it all depends on how many hens you're raising. If you are keeping up to 5 hens, then you need to have about 20 by 20 ft for chicken runs. Keep in mind that the chicken house is going to occupy most of that space. A chicken run is a must-have by the way, this is an area where the chickens can run around outside but be safe from predators at the same time.

build a chicken coopOnce you've established whether you have enough space or not, then it's time to think about any predators that may attack your chickens. If you live close to the city, then you're not going to come across as many predators such as possums or foxes as you would in the country. People nearby may even have a cat or dog who likes to go for hens. So knowing this you can take some precautions such as digging mesh wire deep into the ground so the predators can't dig underneath it.

Once you've considered the size the house and run will be and you've taken into consideration any possible predators that may attack, it's time to start building.

I recommend picking up a book that will guide you through the whole process to build a chicken house. By following one of these guides you can't really go wrong since everything is laid out in a simple to read format with illustrations etc.

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Here is a great book with plans on how to build a chicken house if you need some help on the way!

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