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Movable Chicken Coops - Chicken Tractors

Learn more about movable chicken coops and how to choose one that meets your needs. 


Movable chicken coops are becoming more and more popular, especially among those who don't live on big farms but still want to keep chickens and have fresh eggs every day and also among people who are only having two or three chickens and who want to keep them more as pets than anything else.
If you are looking for a way to raise just a few chickens, but don't have a lot of space, movable chicken coops may be the answer to your need.

Movable chicken coops are usually small, so they are a convenient option and a great fit for homeowners with smaller yards.

Wondering why movable chicken coops -chicken tractors- are so popular and how you can build one? Click here and find some great ideas!

Movable chicken coops are much more versatile than most regular coops.

Important things to consider when building either fixed or movable chicken coops.

Movable chicken coops and chicken runs are a good idea as the chickens have access to fresh ground regularly.

One disadvantage of movable chicken coops is that their size can be limited and because of that the amount of birds kept in them is also limited.

A great thing about movable chicken coops is that they are easy to build, so even a beginner can make this type of coop.

Movable chicken coops are also known as chicken tractors or eggmobiles.


Watch the video to the left and you will find some great information on how to get the best movable chicken coops for your needs.

It will also show you some great reviews.

I highly recommend it!


chicken tractor plans



Here is some great Movable Chicken coops plans if you need some help on the way!

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